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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl Paleo Recipe Roundup

Well, I'm feeling a little discouraged today.  Since finishing up my detox, I've been slowly adding some foods back into my diet.  Although my tummy troubles have not returned, I've noticed a few of my rashes have returned, with a vengeance.  My energy levels are much lower than what they were during those last days of my detox.  And, my face has broken out badly. Argh!

It's really weird to me that I'm going through these things.  I mean, the only things I've added are bananas, green apples, a tiny bit of raw cheddar cheese, and Dark Chocolate.  Perhaps it's the natural sugar in the fruit and the sugar in the chocolate causing my Candida to act up again.  I'm not sure. It is annoying though.

Anyway, I'm thinking I have to go full on sugar free and paleo again.  But, I'm not doing it until after Super Bowl.

Tomorrow, I will be making paleo Crock-Pot chicken wings, chicken tenders, nachos, and brownies.  All of the recipes can be found on my Pinterest boards, Paleo-A-Go-Go and Grain Free Treats. You can find them at

Here are some other great recipes for a paleo Super Bowl party of your own:

That should keep you busy!

I'll decide tomorrow what I'm going to do about my predicament.  I may do another detox.  If you're interested in doing it with me, let me know. Email me at, or comment below.  Here are sites where you can get more info:

Goodnight and God Bless!

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