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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Favorite Natural Household Cleaning Brands and Products

People constantly ask me which cleaning brand I use when cleaning my home.  Although I do make some cleaning products myself, there have been times when I just don't have the time. I need things cleaned quickly!
Luckily, many natural product companies have created effective and safe products that make our chores easier to manage.  Now, this is a list of brands and products I use in my home. I have not tried every brand or product on the market. But, I have tried MANY.  These are the products that work for me and my family.  These are the products that are safe for Boho and don't make her sick.
I have not received compensation to recommend these products.  These are truly the products I use in my home.
That being said, here is the list:

Kitchen Cleaner- Countertops, Stovetop, Small Appliances: Melaleuca Tough & Tender
Grease and Oven:  Melaleuca Sol-U-Mel.   Stainless Steel:  Method Steel for real stainless steel Polish

Dish washing Liquid:  Melaleuca Lemon Brite Hand Dishwashing Liquid
Dishwasher Detergent: Melaleuca Diamond Brite

Bathroom Cleaners-
Tubs and Toilets: Melaleuca Tub & Tile
Inside Toilets: Method Antibacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Disinfectant: Melaleuca Sol-U-Guard Botanical Disinfectant 

Mirror & Glass Cleaner: Melaleuca Clear Power
Wood Polish: Melaleuca Rustic Touch ( also really good on leather)

Floor Cleaners-
Tile & Linoleum: Melaleuca MelaMagic
Hardwood: Melaleuca Tough & Tender

Laundry Detergent: Melaleuca MelaPower, Ecos Magnolia & Lily ( this detergent has a fabric softener in it. )
Laundry Brightener & Whitener: Melaleuca Melabrite 6x
Laundry Softener: Melaleuca MelaSoft Liquid Fabric Softener
Laundry Stain Remover: Melaleuca PreSpot Gel or Spray
Dryer Sheets:  Melaleuca MelaSoft Dryer Sheets, Trader Joe's Lavender Dryer Sachets

Machine Carpet Cleaner: Melaleuca MelaMagic & Sol-U-Mel ( use instead of the solvent recommended, mixed with hot water)
Carpet Stains: Melaleuca Sol-U-Mel ( great for when Boho has an "accident")

Sponges: Trader Joe's Pop Up Sponges ( These are amazing! They pop up when you add water.)
Mop: Rubber Maid Reveal Mop (This is a great mop with a washable cleaning pad and a bottle that allows you to put in your own cleaning liquid.)

Trash Bags: Seventh Generation Drawstring Kitchen 

Paper Products-
Paper Towels and Napkins: Seventh Generation 100% Recycled, Natural ( I like the natural, unbleached color of these. They look so rustic.)
Toilet Paper: Seventh Generation Natural Unbleached 100% Recycled Toilet Paper

I hope this list helps. If you need any information on finding these products or how to use them, email me, .

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