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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Keep Me Beautiful Juice

For Christmas last year, my wonderful husband gave me a red Jack La Lanne power juicer. Since then, I've been a juicing maniac.  I love my juicer.  Here are a couple of my favorite fruit and vegetable mix juices:

Keep Me Beautiful Juice

1 Orange peeled
1 2"x1" cube of Watermelon 
2 handfuls Kale
1 bunch of Grapes with stems ( about 20 grapes)
1 small Cucumber
1/4 cup Aloe Vera Juice

Put first five ingredients in juicer, one at a time, in order. Add Aloe Vera Juice to mixture. Pour in big glass. Enjoy!

Look Mamma, I drank my Spinach Juice

1 fresh Peach, pit removed
3 handfuls fresh Spinach, squashed into a ball
1 small Cucumber 
1 Fuji Apple, cored and sliced

Put all ingredients in juicer, one at a time, in order. Pour into a big glass. Enjoy!

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