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Monday, November 25, 2013

Paleo Thanksgiving Prep- Day One

Well, I wanted to use a photo showing a beautiful fall day. But, this photo shows the reality of an autumn day in Illinois. And, trust me, from the photo, you cannot feel how cold it is outside!

Anyhoo, today is my first day of formal planning of my Thanksgiving menu. It's the day that I finalize the dishes to be cooked and make my list of items I need to purchase at the grocery store tomorrow. Normally, I have this done already. But, this year, I have had to learn a whole new way of planning and preparing foods. Luckily, I've received some help along the way.

If you are new to the gluten free or paleo lifestyle, your best bet is to find a professional who has been living it for awhile.  I don't know if you've heard of Danielle Walker, founder of Against All Grain.  She offers some of the most delicious recipes I have ever found.  Her book, Against All Grain, has tons of recipes for foods I thought I would never be able to enjoy again.  And now, she has created an ebook just for Thanksgiving. You can find it on Amazon for only $1.99!  Most of the dishes I've decided to cook for Thanksgiving are from this ebook.

This is her original cookbook.

I should tell you, I am not receiving any kind of compensation for this review. This is my honest opinion, nothing more. With Danielle Walker's ebook, I have been able to plan a paleo feast for me and my family, complete with stuffing and dessert.

Tomorrow comes the hard part.  Shopping for paleo friendly meats, where I live, is beyond difficult.  I should have lots of fun tomorrow trying to find everything I need. I already know I'm going to visit at least three stores seeking my ingredients! Wish me luck!

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