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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Faith and A Fiat 500

Now, you may be wondering what a Fiat has to do with a person's faith. Well, let me explain.  Over the last eight years, my husband and I have purchased six used cars, two for him, two for his son, and two for his daughter. Meanwhile, I was driving my sturdy 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

It was Momma's turn to get a new car!

However, Momma didn't know what she wanted.  I knew I wanted something small. So, I started looking around. I finally settled on a Fiat or a Prius. I figured by early 2014, I would decide. I had some time. The Jeep was really good in winter weather; so, keeping it over the winter months was sensible.

Then, life hit! My stepson totaled his car in a collision. He, luckily, was unharmed. But, he needed a car.  Rather than spend our money on a third car for him, we decided to give him my trusty Jeep. I would then rent a car until I could decide what car I wanted to buy.

I researched the cheapest rental I could find. I ended up in a little Hyndai. I don't remember the model because it really wasn't what I wanted to buy. It was a cute little car though. We rented it for a month.  On Wednesday, my husband received a call that the car was due back at the rental place. Wow, did that month go by fast! We had planned to simply re-rent the car for another month because we hadn't had time for me to test drive the Fiat 500 or the Prius.  The rental place had other ideas.  They wanted to charge us almost double the rate we'd paid before for the rental another month! We brought the car back at once!

My husband got on the phone and started calling different rental companies to get the best rate. He found a place nearby and scheduled a pickup for Friday because they were going to be getting a few compact cars in on Thursday. They would have them cleaned and ready to go Friday morning.

On Thursday, my husband asked if I had made my final decision yet. I was pretty sure I wanted the Prius.  He asked if I wanted to go to a dealership to drive the Fiat 500. His reasoning was that I had talked about the Fiat for so long and pinned a photo of one on my wish board, maybe I was settling on the Prius because it was less expensive ( We don't usually buy new, always used.)  I assured him that was not the case. But, it definitely was a consideration. So, I was almost sure I wanted the Prius.

Friday morning, we headed to the rental company.  When we pulled up to the storefront, a Fiat 500 was parked in the spot beside us. I looked at it a laughed. My husband asked, " Wouldn't it be funny if that was your rental car?" I replied," That would be hilarious!" We walked into the place and sidled up to the counter.  After the pleasantries, the rental agent announced," We have you renting the Fiat 500 out there. But, you can choose another one.....".  We busted out laughing! My husband told him he could stop right there because the Fiat would be perfect! Then, we told him the story so he wouldn't think we were off our rockers. He probably thought that anyway!

I am now doing a monthlong test drive of a Fiat 500.  I should definitely be able to make up my mind after this!

How does that story teach anyone about faith, you ask.  You see, I live my life knowing that everything happens according to God's plan. When something happens, good or bad, I never ask why. My faith is so strong that I just know everything is going to turn out the way it's supposed to, according to what God has planned for me.

In the past, I questioned and pitied myself. When I lived like that, I was miserable and depressed.  Then, I started to understand that the more I fought God's will for me, the more unhappy I became. The minute I started to flow with the signs and put my TOTAL trust in God, I became immeasurably happy.  This doesn't mean that bad things never happen to my family. But, when they do, I am comforted by the fact that there is a reason to lead us to a better path.

That is how a Fiat 500 helped strengthen our faith. It's funny how things work out sometimes.

Have a blessed week!

Oh, and on a side note, the Fiat had just been driven in from Wyoming! What are the chances?!

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