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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Glutino Gluten Free Frozen Pizza Review

I LOVE cooking! But, recently my fatigue level has been at an all time high. Tonight, I was glad to have purchased a few pre-made gluten free frozen dinners. Usually, I have a few dinners prepared and frozen for such occasions. When I opened my freezer, this Glutino frozen pizza was the only dinner left.

I was in no mood to fight the hunger dragon in my stomach. I opened the box, took off the wrapping, threw a few gluten free Trader Joe's Ciao pepperoni slices on top, and tossed the pizza into my toaster oven. Thirteen minutes later, I had a lovely, toasted pepperoni pizza.

Now,it was time for the real test! I hoisted up a slice and took a bite. I have to admit, it was pretty darn good. The texture of the crust was perfect. The sauce was mild, with a touch of sweetness. The cheese ratio was also perfect. Fact is, this was the best frozen pizza I ever ate. It was even better than any of the non-gluten free frozen pizzas I ate in the past.

Ya'll, I live in the real world. I know it's not always possible to cook each and every meal. It's nice to know that once in a while, I can grab something quick and easy. And, when that food tastes good, that's even nicer.

So, I give Glutino Gluten Free Pizza a big thumbs up for convenience, taste, and texture.


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