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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Being Unwell In Order To Be Well

Apparently, sometimes in our quest for wellness, we have to make ourselves unwell first.  In preparation for medical tests I have scheduled next week, I have had to stop eating gluten free, taking my daily vitamins, minerals and herbs and using my herbal treatments on my skin. This has left me an itchy, bloated, crampy mess, all in the name of science.  In order to get the most precise diagnosis, I have to put my body in it's worst possible state of the disease.  Then, and only then, can they diagnose and treat me.  This is going to be a very difficult week for me.

As anyone with an autoimmune disorder knows, pinning down the exact disorder is a difficult process.  We usually show many markers or symptoms for many of the disorders.  I have gone from a list of five, to now a list of two.  I consider myself lucky.  I know many have gone through years of suffering before finding a doctor who can pin it down.  I have only gone through three years and three doctors.

These tests next week will provide the final answer.  I will finally have the answer! 

So, what I'm saying to you, is to not give up until you have the answer.  If I had listened to the first three doctors, I would have simply lived with my symptoms until so much damage was done to my organs that there may be no saving them.  If you feel something is wrong, continue to search for answers.

I have found it helpful to keep a symptom log.  Every day, I write down every symptom, no matter how insignificant it seems.  I also take my temperature every morning and night.  Taking your temperature can provide a baseline for your doctor.  Some people, like me, may have a lower base temp. Because of this, when you have your temperature taken at the doctor's office, it may read normal to them when you are actually running a low grade temp.

Take this symptom log to your doctor.  You will no longer forget to tell your doctor about symptoms that may be key to your diagnosis.  This is especially important for symptoms that are not visible.  Write down everything! And, try to write it down when it happens.

Well, I'm going to take my cranky, rashy self to get some lunch.  It's actually harder to find something to eat once you are accustomed  to eating gluten free.  I'll be updating my blog next week with the big answer.  Stay tuned!

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