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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

You Put What in My Coconut Milk?

I hope everyone here in America had a great 4th of July.  I actually took my extra time off to catch up on my reading.  One of the magazines I was able to finally read was the June issue of Live Organic emag.  I came upon this very interesting article written by Carolanne Wright about the use of Carrageenan in many organic/healthy foods.
Carrageenan is a seaweed derivative which is used as a stabalizer and thickener in many organic low-fat and non-dairy products. It is also " a likely human carcinogen that triggers massive gastrointestinal inflammation and symptoms in many people".  Carolanne Wright also writes, "Even though carrageenan has been used by the food industry for nearly 50 years, it 'so reliably causes inflammation that scientists actually use it to induce inflammation in biological experiments.' "
Now I had just recently switched to organic coconut milk from organic cow's milk in an attempt to rid myself of dairy products.  Since the switch, I had been experiencing quite a bit of gastrointestinal distress. My husband was getting pretty tired of my complaints of bloating and cramping.  Upon this discovery about carrageenan, I practically threw down my iPad and ran to the fridge to see if it was lurking in my coconut milk.  Sure enough, there it was in black and white, Carrageenan.  Down the drain it went!
I was now on a mission.  I went through the ingredient lists of my organic/natural products.  I found four products in all that contained Carrageenan. I think the product that concerned me the most was the frozen, organic dog treat I had purchased for Boho to enjoy during the 4th of July festivities.  It is one thing for me to suffer. But, Boho? No way!
So, I decided to write this blog to alert ya'll.  It is important for us to read our lables and inform ourselves on what we are putting into our bodies, our children's bodies, and our pet's bodies. You can read the entire article in the June issue of Live Organic Magazine. I get the ezine on my iPad.  The articles are extremely informative.  You can also find a helpful shopping guide on products that do and do not contain Carrageenan at .
Until next time, ya'll stay healthy and gas free!

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