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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Well, it's Boho's fourth birthday.  We decided to celebrate by starting this blog to help others to celebrate more birthdays.
See, before Boho, there was Coco.  Coco was my first minpin.  Since I don't have children, she was my first baby.  I spoiled her rotten.  But, Coco was a very sickly dog.  I tried everything, with the help of my vet, to keep her well.  Unfortunately, nothing seemed to make her better.  She passed away months before her fifth birthday. I was devastated.
Her vet was little help, stating that a toxin would be the only thing that would cause such a young dog to pass away like that.  Coco was barely ever outside of the home.  This could only mean that something inside my home had done this.
My husband and I completely remodelled our home.  We changed the carpet, redid the tile floors, changed out the furnace, redid the bathrooms, and repainted with low voc paint.  Then, we brought Boho home.
Boho is a very lively, healthy dog.  I changed vets; and, now bring her to Banfield, inside PetSmart.  They have the best and most economical Optimal Wellness Plans.  I love the services I get there.  They offer twice a year complete check-ups.  Boho always gets a clean bill of health.  So, I was very confused when every Saturday, Boho would get sick and vomit.
I started to investigate Saturday's schedule a little deeper.  The only difference was that Saturday was cleaning day.  Every Saturday, I would scrub and clean every room in the house.  It had to be the cleaning supplies I was using!  But, these were normal, everyday cleaning solvents that thousands of people used every day.
I started my research on natural cleaning supplies.  I used castile soap, baking soda, vinegar and a lot of elbow grease.  None of these products really did that great a job.  But, Boho wasn't getting sick on Saturdays anymore.
Then, I discovered a great online distributor.  They had natural, safe products that actually delivered on their word without a ton of elbow grease.  I became a member and ordered some of their products to try.  Not only did they work, but Boho never was sick again.
I started to think of all the families I knew, whose kids were always sick with sore throats, allergies, rashes and such.  I decided to educate myself on toxins lurking in foods, cleaning products and personal care products.  I earned my certification in Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy. I continue my education in all things Wellness.
Now, I help families to clear the toxins out of their homes, introduce them to products that are safer for them and the environment, and teach them simple ways to enhance their lives and the lives of those around them.
In this blog, I'll give you hints on cleaner living, inform you of the latest wellness studies and give you some great resources to do your own studies.
If you have any questions or would like more information on the products I use, pop me an email. I would love to hear from you.

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